About Maurice

A recovery coach supports the positive change required in anyone committed to staying clean & sober.

I am available to help those recently home from treatment to avoid relapse, I can assist the individual in finding community & support. I can be the voice that you need to hear when the cravings & old habitual thoughts start to reoccur.

Recovery coaching is action-oriented; I can help to implement the healthy patterns needed for successful living outside of treatment. This might include making a plan for the day, organising a schedule for the basics - eating, sleeping & getting integrated back into the life that we dropped out of.

It’s no surprise that relapse happens in the early-days to those who haven’t yet replaced their old ways, with new ways. A sober coach is the person who can help you when the small [or big] stuff threatens to rob you of your sobriety & clean time. I am support, a shoulder to lean on & voice of reason.

I spend much of my year accompanying clients to treatment centres & assisting them in their early days of living without their drugs of choice. Its often a rocky road & requires a patient, non-judgemental ear & friendly companion, that's me.


Maurice Leslie

Recovery Coach
Since 2005, I have been continuously clean & sober. I’ve experienced relapse & darkness on my journey, but now I live a life of freedom & genuine contentedness because I choose not to drink or drug on a daily basis. I have experience with alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, love & co-dependency. I can be of help to anyone who really wants to change their way of life for the better.